Hello important announcement

Andreea Qtt

My new girl friends and i decided to commit murder together and kill each other. I was thinking that she would kill me and after me on her before she died but the idea is for her to kill me and escape! it's a great idea! and maybe I'll do a live show that will help me hang myself ... I need help with a tall tree, it's not easy to climb it :( so this girl killed her family and we get along so well - God forbid !!! I'm so glad we get along great !!!) so she'll film me how I'm going to hang myself and post the video on goreforum !! logically she will kill herself and she just won't go unpunished.
I am such a beautiful and pretty girl and I don't deserve to live in such a bad world !!! I want to live forever. OvO 💕💕
This girl told me that I can live forever only if I hang myself. I think she knows better how and what she did to the people who killed her. :)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))
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yes i dont feel like living either. The things thats keeping me away from doing it is if im brainwashed and controlled to die and i dont want to die if thats why
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