Teens Fighting In Front Of A Child At Popeyes


Jan 29, 2022
Happened in 2015.
A video of a brawl between a mother and her family against a group of rowdy teenage girls has gone viral.

The footage shows a mother, a child, and another woman being cornered in a Popeyes Chicken fast food restaurant by a group of teenage girls. The smartphone started recording midway through the confrontation, but shows that the group is already in the midst of a heated argument.

As the women argue, one of the teen throws her assumably full soft drink cup at one of the cornered woman. The cornered woman then approaches the teenage girl and all hell breaks loose. The woman picks up a folding chair to use as a weapon.

Soon after, other chairs go flying as an all out brawl unfolds.

Luckily police soon arrive on the scene. The location of the incident is not yet known.