Woman Beat In Atlanta’s Piedmont Hospital While In Hospital Bed From December 2019


Jan 29, 2022
Happened on December 2019 In Atlanta, Georgia (USA).

A disturbing video has gone viral, that captures a brutal beat down of a woman inside of Atlanta’s Piedmont Hospital. The shocking video begins with an angry woman “pulling up” on her adversary while she lays in a hospital bed. Then the woman attacked the patient, ripped off her hospital gown and repeatedly punched her in the face. Added to that, the woman had her friend Livestream the attack – which took place inside Atlanta’s top hospital. The attacker, apparently proud of her actions, even uploaded the video to Instagram, with the following caption “Pulling up on the opps in Piedmont hospital.” Piedmont hospital is one of the more respected hospitals in the Atlanta area, so it’s surprising that an incident like this occurred there. MTO News reached out to representatives of the hospital, and are awaiting comment from them.